We show you the main monuments of the Historical Valencia. If you have little
time during your stay, with this tour you will know the essentials of the city.


Te acompañamos en un paseo de medio día en las cercanías de la ciudad, en uno de los parajes naturales más importantes de la región. Realizaremos un paseo en barca en el lago natural de la Albufera , descubriendo la fauna y la flora del lugar. Podremos degustar una auténtica paella en alguno de los restaurantes locales, en el lugar de origen de nuestro plato más internacional.

Tour Up!

Tour to the towers. We offer a different tour, a vertical tour. We climb the highest
towers of the city, Serranos, Quart, Santa Catalina and Miguelete. From the heights we get fantastic views. Marvellous photographic tour.


We do customised tours to the main museums in the city, such as St. Pius
V, the Museum of the Old Masters, our Fine Arts Museum. The IVAM, our Museum of Modern Art, one of the the most visited in Europe. The Ceramics Museum Gonzalez Marti, located at the Palace of Marqués de Dos Aguas, our little Versailles. Museum Fallero, where you can learn more of our culture through the most famous of our festivals, the Fallas.
THE ALBUFERA.- The Albufera is a natural lake about 30 km far from the city, located in one of the most important natural areas in the region. We will take a boat ride, discovering the fauna and flora. You can taste an authentic paella in some of the local restaurants, in the place where our most international dish was born.


This tour will take you to the most modern quarter in Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences. In this very young quarter we will visit the Museum of Sciences Prince Felipe, also the largest Oceanographic in Europe, and we can see a 3D digital movie in the Hemisferic IMAX cinema.



This walking tour takes you to the old Valencia. Through the streets of the Barrio del Carmen you will discover the remains of the Moorish quarter and also the medieval Christian Valencia..